Every business has vulnerabilities in its IT systems and you can’t remove them all.

What you can do is understand where your vulnerabilities exist and put measures in place to carefully monitor these areas for signs of intrusion.

Glomark's vulnerability scans are designed to help you better understand your own vulnerabilities, so you become more alert to signs of possible attack. Using a range of IT tools and applications, we will scan your entire digital footprint and show you which vulnerabilities you can fix now and how. But we will also highlight the more subtle vulnerabilities that you should observe carefully during your ongoing security monitoring processes. We will advise you on how to create appropriate rules to alert you to irregular activity, filter warnings and identify suspicious behaviours to help keep your data safe

When you select Glomark for an vulnerability scan, you will gain:

A clear, unambiguous statement of vulnerability

Insight into vulnerabilities that can be used to inform the design of new security controls or improvements to existing systems

Prioritised action lists for product recommendations, upgrades, patches and new purchases, with business justifications

Baseline information that can be used as part of a Security Monitoring Service to help determine the most appropriate responses to certain events.

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