You can’t protect what you don’t know you have.

For effective information security, it’s absolutely vital to maintain a complete inventory of all your assets and understand their importance to your business.

Glomark will reveal all your forgotten IT and data assets, as part of a comprehensive inventory of your databases, file systems, archives, applications, hardware and network infrastructure. Using digital search and classification tools, we will locate critical and sensitive data and grade your assets according to the value of the information they handle. You will not only gain a clear picture of how many assets you have, and where they are located, but will discover which assets are most important and why they need protection.

When you select Glomark for asset discovery, you will gain:

> An inventory of your IT and data assets, and their locations, classified by how valuable they are to your business

> Improved understanding of the interconnectivity of your mobile devices, computers and servers and the potential routes of access into your assets

> A cost optimisation model, showing how you can best allocate your investment in information security products and services by focusing your spend on your most valuable and sensitive assets

> Business insight that you can use to design and improve your end-to-end information security infrastructure.

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Security Beyond Technology With Checkpoint

Your corporate network offers access to valuable and sensitive information. Information that must never fall into the wrong hands. Can you be sure there aren’t any hidden “surprises” threatening your most precious data assets? No stealthy malware, back doors, data leaks or other security vulnerabilities? Don’t be caught unprepared. Uncover potential risks on your enterprise network.

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