Contract Staffing

Flexible Staffing Solutions Delivering Maximum Results

Each engagement is unique. Whether you need a full development team, an extra developer or two, or one highly specialized consultant – short-term or long-term – we provide the IT professionals you need to get the job done right the first time. Our clients appreciate the lengths at which we go to keep their projects running smoothly.

Focus on Quality

Quick consultant ramp up. Excellent results. Commitment to your business. In addition to the right skills and experience, these are quality benchmarks we look for when presenting you with candidates for your open positions.

IT Staffing Delivery Options

With our ability to establish teams in our local facilities and our state-of-the-art development facility in Hyderabad, India, we’re able to structure responsive solutions that meet your staffing goals and your budget. We can accommodate a variety of delivery services, including:






A contract-to-hire agreement affords you time to evaluate a consultant's skills and team fit, while giving the consultant the opportunity to assess the job. The consultant remains an Glomark employee during the initial contract period, so you don't have to manage payroll or benefits administration.

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