Breaking and entering is a serious crime, whether it’s through a door or via a network.

If you become the victim of a cyber-crime you may want to prosecute the perpetrator and, to do that, you’ll need evidence.

Glomark can gather unequivocal evidence from attacks to support legal cases and inform your security improvements. Forensics specialists will search your systems to extract relevant information about criminal activities, recover deleted files and trace the footprints of hackers. You will receive professional reports, ready for use in legal proceedings and can appoint one of our IT security experts to appear with you in court. Furthermore, by engaging forensic services on a retainer basis, you can gain improved insight into risk and compliance, enabling you to proactively protect your business assets and reputation.

When you select Glomark to provide incident forensics, you will gain:/h3>

A 24/7 incident report line, giving you access to expert advice in the event of a possible breach

Immediate support to extract and copy active data from multiple systems to prevent the destruction of evidence

Careful examination of potential breaches in your business data, including hidden files, deleted data and encrypted information, using specialised techniques

A security expert by your side in court, to help you answer questions and present the impacts of the crime

Ongoing access to forensics services to help you preemptively consider your capacity to prevent possible future incidents.

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