We have the highest expectations of our employees, and we know that in order to perform at your best, you need the best from us. The best projects, the best colleagues, the best culture and the best opportunities.

The Best Projects

As a management and technology services company, there are great opportunities for consultants to play an important part of many of our clients. You will participate in exciting projects spanning virtually every industry, developing valuable skills and taking away invaluable experience.

The Best Teams

At Glomark it is our standard practice to employ only the best people. We make it our business to locate, engage and retain the leading employees from every industry. This means you get to work with other outstanding people, to benefit from their unique combination of experience and skills and to develop lifelong professional networks.

The Best Culture

It is in our best interest to foster exactly the kind of working environment you want; when you're happy, you're more productive. That's why we take pride in embracing and supporting a positive, open and connected culture. We hold regular employee and client social events aimed at bringing our people together on a regular basis.

The Best Opportunities

With an extensive professional development program, Glomark gives you the opportunity to extend yourself and to pursue your individual career and learning goals. We want you to continue to grow along with the Company, and as such, we ensure that great learning and development opportunities are available for our people to continually refine and expand their skills. Life as an Glomark Consultant is a real life: interesting work, great opportunities, and a healthy balance between work and personal pursuits.

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