There’s a pivotal balance to achieve.

You need to prevent unauthorised people from accessing your business data via your remote access gateways, but you don’t want to implement rigid controls that impede your employees’ productivity.

Glomark will show you how to facilitate secure remote access using a fully managed, two-factor authentication service. Delivered via the cloud, our service is flexible and cost effective to implement as it requires no additional hardware infrastructure and can be scaled up easily to accommodate additional users. Your employees’ will love its simplicity: they can easily install the authentication app on their smartphones and tablets, and there are no hard tokens to forget or misplace.

When you select Glomark's managed authentication service, you will gain

Reduced cost of ownership because management and token costs are replaced with a lower, simpler, user-based service cost

A smooth, worry-free migration, as Reliance acsn will manage the risk of moving from your existing two-factor authentication solution

Rapid, straightforward deployment of the service using zero-cost 24/7 ‘soft tokens’, which can be installed onto users’ existing mobile devices

Simplified management, as our authentication service is cloud-hosted, managed and supported by us.

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