It takes a lot of resources to hire, train and employ a whole team of IT security specialists in house.

Lucky you wont need it

Glomark will provide a skilled team of IT security experts to drive the development and implementation of your IT security strategy. Working closely with all stakeholders within your business, we will identify your requirements, develop a prioritised roadmap of improvement activities, create security policies and standards and implement effective controls. In short, we’ll form your security office, directing your staff, managing your suppliers and providing reassurance to senior managers.

When you select Glomark to provide a Managed Information Security Office (ISO), you will gain:

A tailored service, scaled to precisely meet your business needs and complement the existing skills of your in-house employees

An assessment of your IT security posture, including (but not limited to) asset discovery, threat modelling, vulnerability scanning and compliance review

The development of an IT security strategy, security policies and roadmaps to support your business goals

Management of your suppliers and, if required, your employees, to ensure the achievement of improvement initiatives

Confidence that your information assets and supporting technologies are adequately protected.

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