When the implementation of IT security products is complete, the real work begins.

Every device within your entire IT security infrastructure will need to be managed, updated and monitored – or vulnerabilities will creep in.

Glomark will manage your security devices and monitor your critical assets to maintain the highest level of protection for the business. From our security operation centres in the USA and India, we will manage and monitor your devices 24/7, perform routine upgrades and intervene quickly if issues arise. We will allocate named security specialists to your systems, so they can build up an intimate knowledge of your environment, assets and processes. In this way, you will benefit from the kind of business-centric service that might otherwise only be delivered in-house.

When you select Glomark to provide managed security services, you will gain:

24/7 support for all aspects of your security infrastructure, including hardware, software and cloud-based solutions

The peace-of-mind that all routine maintenance on devices will be performed for you, including health checks, back-ups, reconfigurations, upgrades and patch deployments

Monitoring of business-critical assets to detect anomalies that may indicate an intrusion or malicious attack and enable a rapid incident response

Rapid resolution of problems and incidents, including product malfunctions

Access to a large team of security experts who are on hand to offer advice when needed, as well as produce regular reports

The opportunity to make cost savings by optimising your security design and eliminating, focussing and integrating solutions more effectively

Insight to help you define a robust cyber security monitoring and response strategy, develop a prioritised roadmap of monitoring activities, create security monitoring use cases and implement an appropriate security analytics tool to ensure information assets and supporting technologies are adequately protected.

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