You need to be vigilant.

Every day new cyber threats emerge and previously unknown system vulnerabilities are exposed. If you are not constantly checking your systems, you are vulnerable to attack.

Glomark will help you manage your changing exposure to risk, by discovering, analysing, prioritising and remediating vulnerabilities in your systems on an ongoing basis. As part of our managed service, we will perform regular vulnerability scans, assess scan results and provide detailed reporting about emerging new security weaknesses. All our recommended interventions will be prioritised based on the actual risk to your business, enabling you to take appropriate action to protect your data and systems.

When you select Glomark for a managed vulnerability service, you will gain:

Comprehensive vulnerability scans, performed regularly, as well as after product configuration changes and when suspicious activity is detected

A clear picture of your exposure to risk, derived from analysis of the vulnerability scans, external threat data and your own internal security context

Detailed reporting about new vulnerabilities found and how to mitigate them, ranked as low, medium or high priority actions

Consultancy to support teams responsible for the remediation of vulnerabilities discovered.

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