To make fast, informed decisions, you need to have accurate, insightful data at your fingertips.

That’s exactly what an online security management dashboard will give you.

Glomark presents reporting information clearly, visually and meaningfully via an online security management dashboard. We will work with you to identify the performance metrics that matter to you and display them in easily-understood graphical charts and tables, which you can access 24/7. Depending on your requirements, the dashboard could include anything from your industry compliance status to the frequency of blocked intrusions. It will provide all the information that you need to monitor the effectiveness of your defences and make well informed decisions to reduce your IT security risks.

Provided by Glomark as an integral part of all of its IT security services, the security management dashboard will deliver:

A clear visual picture of multiple aspects of your IT security programme, all in one place, in an easy to interpret format

Secure, 24/7 access to performance data for authorised employees and senior managers

Accurate security reports, updated weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on your preferences

Threat announcements and alerts, as appropriate to your business and industry sector.

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