Hackers are incredibly intelligent, creative and, above all, devious.

Until you have put your business through a professional penetration test, you can’t even begin to predict where a hacker might potentially find weaknesses to exploit.

Glomark penetration tests will help you to think like a hacker thinks. During the penetration tests, we mimic the activities of both malicious hackers on the outside of your organisation and disgruntled employees on the inside. We test the strength of existing IT security systems, challenge the effectiveness of IT security policies and verify compliance with industry security standards to reveal the real strengths and weaknesses of your IT security infrastructure. Our penetration test service comes with clear, comprehensible reports full of practical recommendations to help you address previously unknown vulnerabilities.

When you select Glomark for an penetration test, you will gain:

A thorough approach comprising external penetration testing, internal penetration testing, web and mobile application penetration testing and wireless network testing

Practical suggestions for improvements to existing security products and services, such as patching known vendor vulnerabilities and activating additional security controls

Recommendations for additional IT security products and services, if appropriate, with business justifications

Insight into possible attack methods and behaviours that can be used in security monitoring systems to help detect intrusions more quickly.

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