Weak passwords are just the start of it.

If your employees are not aware of the considerable risks posed by phishing emails, unlocked PCs, missing phones and social media profiles, then your customer and business data is vulnerable.

Glomark's specialist ‘Red Team’ will help you test your employees’ security awareness and the effectiveness of your security systems, processes and policies. Using open source data gathering techniques, we will find out what information is available online about your business that could be exploited by a hacker. We will simulate phishing campaigns using the intelligence we have gleaned and even try to enter your premises (without breaking windows!), by blending in, to gain access to an unprotected workstation. If required, we can simultaneously undertake penetration testing, to identify additional, potential weaknesses in your defences and provide a complete picture of your security effectiveness.

When you select Glomark for a Red Team exercise, you will gain:

Improved understanding of your business’ security posture and your employees’ understanding of critical IT security policies and practices

Awareness of business information that may be available online (perhaps on employees’ LinkedIn profiles) that could be used spitefully to harm the company

Deeper insight into tactics a hacker might employ to attack a business through physical entry, such as installing a covert device on a network to ‘dial home’

Greater understanding of how employees react to potential threats like phishing emails and whether such attacks could result in the delivery of a malicious payload

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