An expertly staffed Security Operation Centre is no longer optional for most organisations. It’s essential.

Whether you build your own centre in-house, share a facility with other organisations or outsource the service completely, you need to have one.

Glomark will advise you on how to establish a critical management, detection, and response capability by building or procuring a dedicated or shared SOC for your business. Completely future-proofed, our SOC design will be built on a clear understanding of your business and IT architecture, changing patterns of IT use, growing data volumes, new business channels and the increasing importance of the web and cloud. The SOC will draw together all relevant data in a single monitoring system, so you (or your partners) can react quickly and appropriately to prioritised incidents and alerts.

When you select Glomark to provide consulting on how to build, enhance or specify your Security Operation Centre, you will gain

Greater understanding of which incidents and alerts to monitor and prioritise, based on your business’ risk profile

A common sense approach that optimises existing information security monitoring solutions and balances needs and costs

An integrated design that draws together the outputs of complementary systems including security information and event management (SIEM), full packet capturing and vulnerability management

An single operational security monitoring process, where all critical events can be identified and acted upon more quickly

Clear, easy to follow processes for how to manage an incident or breach, as well as recommendations for how to manage critical information

Staff-engagement plans to assure the use of process and explain the involvement and responsibilities of all staff in protecting critical information.

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