Every product vendor you meet will tell you that their solution is best.

We’ll advise you on the product and vendor that is actually best for your business – and provide the evidence to show you why.

Glomark will design the optimal solution for your business by identifying the product that is best-of-breed and best-for-you. Our experienced IT security experts will listen to your business challenges, draw up your solution requirements and develop an options paper with all the potential architectures, products and vendors. We will then work with you to refine the design, provide project costings and produce a well-considered and thoroughly researched recommendation to precisely meet your objectives. And we’ll do all this far faster, and more cost effectively, than you might expect.

When you select Glomark to provide a security solution design, you will gain:

A description of all appropriate design options with a clear explanation of the pros and cons of each

A rationalisation of potential vendor solutions, based on our expert understanding of which products will fully meet your requirements

Our assistance in collecting and evaluating pricing and commercial terms information from shortlisted vendors

The production of a detailed, technical solution design, once the final solution has been decided upon.

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