Far too many of today’s deployed information security solutions are underutilised, or not used at all.

Making full use of your existing assets can not only improve the strength of your IT defences, but also give you a greater return on your prior IT expenditure.

Glomark will show you how to optimise your existing investments in IT security solutions to increase the protection your business gains. Considerable cost advantages are possible through eliminating, focusing and integrating existing solutions more effectively. What is more, many security solutions already deployed have technologies and features that are underutilised at best. Leveraging these in a better way, in accordance with the assets they protect, will help to reduce risk, optimise the security posture and reduce expenditure.

When you select Glomark for a Security Technology Optimisation, you will gain:

Improved understanding about your technology that you can use within the decision-making process when designing new and improved security controls to protect and monitor data

Clear guidance on measures that need to be taken to ensure a more effective and efficient use of the technology, in accordance with the assets they protect, including recommendations for any specific remedial actions or improvements

A full evaluation of your security technology, its configurations and policies to detect instances of error, waste, misuse, abuse, risk and non-compliance

Reduced IT spending by eliminating technologies that are no longer needed or by re-focusing existing technologies to a smaller scope of business-critical assets making them more effective and more cost-efficient to operate

Helpful, practical support to quickly secure your important information and processes, and guidance on how to apply National Cyber Security Centre recommendations.

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