Sharepoint Development

We offer specialist capabilities and specific knowledge in Enterprise Solutions technologies.

As mobile, social and cloud requirement increases, several companies are enhancing their business models to successfully integrate content management systems based on their enterprise needs. Content Management Systems (CMS) enables the company to store all business data on a central server for dynamic and secure access. At Glomark we provide a host of solutions for content management with Sharepoint as well.

Sharepoint Development

We develop public and intranet facing portals, workflows, content management solutions, web forms and applications that intensifies and enhances collaboration and content management capabilities in your organization.We also develop enterprise-ready, manageable and scalable portals and collaboration solutions integrating lines of business applications with databases and defining taxonomies for classifying content to create a consistent user experience.

Sharepoint Services

We provide services to make the most of your applications - Dynamics CRM, Exchange Server, Project Server, Microsoft BI & third-party applications by integrating with SharePoint which enhances their overall contribution in the business processes. We implement BI capabilities on SharePoint by developing custom reports, scorecards and KPIs and integrating the same with existing SharePoint solutions for better decision making.

Sharepoint Support

Managing a SharePoint system requires a range of skills to get the most of its features and functionalities. Our highly skilled team allows our customers to access these skills not just for support but to also advise and consult. You can contact us not just for support. Get in touch when you need expertise to make better decisions, like planning a new process, integrating with another system or a bespoke business solution.

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